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History, Memory and Politics in Venezuela: A Talk By Inés Quintero

  Inés Quintero, one of the leading historians in Venezuela, a Professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and a visiting Benjamin Meaker Fellow at the University of Bristol gave a talk about the political use of history in contemporary Venezuela which Bristolatino editor Zara Huband attended. Quintero was joined by a panel of experts in the […]

Ana Vallejo’s photography humanises Bogotá’s illegal settlements

Ana Vallejo is a Colombian photographer based in Bogotá. Her project, Entre Nubes, focuses on San Germán, a makeshift neighbourhood in a National Park on the outskirts of Bogotá, where people internally displaced from various conflicts around Colombia have settled after finding themselves unable to find housing in the capital. BristoLatino’s editor-in-chief, Helen Brown, interviewed Ana […]


The election of far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil’s new president has sent shockwaves throughout the world. BristoLatino’s Jack Francklin details the damage that the president-elect may cause to the local and global environment, as well as to indigenous groups in Brazil. The Brazilian people have voted – Jair Bolsonaro is their new president. On 28 October, […]

The true story behind the missing 43 students: Anabel Hernández in conversation

At a talk organised by English PEN at the Free Word Centre in London, English journalist Gaby wood spoke with Mexican investigative reporter Anabel Hernández about the newly released English translation of her book, The True Story Behind the Missing 43 Students. Hernández discussed her research into this unsolved mystery, and the evidence she found […]


The Central American migrant caravan in Mexico: one month on the road

Bristolatino’s Literature Editor Isaac Norris visited the Estadio Palillo in Mexico City last week, a stadium which temporarily housed Central American migrants en route to the US border.   On the 12th October, 2018, around 7,000 migrants hailing predominately from Honduras began the gruelling journey from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, towards the United States. Since then, various other […]


Ahead of the second-round of Brazil’s presidential election, BristoLatino‘s Helen Westlake spoke to Rio de Janeiro-based underground art group ‘A Igreja do Reino da Arte’ about their politically-charged work, with a discussion about a perceived shift in the understanding of Brazilian national identity in the midst of the tense current political climate.  A Igreja do Reino da Arte […]


With just days to go before Brazil’s extremely contentious final round of elections, Bristolatino’s Literature Editor Isaac Norris joined the public rally in Mexico City to stand in solidarity with Brazil.   Last Sunday, exactly one week before the most important and increasingly antagonistic presidential election in Brazilian history, Mexico City’s emblematic Ángel de la […]

Brazil’s presidential election: The corruption case that redefined Brazilian politics

Corruption has come to define Brazilian politics in recent years, affecting all sides of the political spectrum. BristoLatino’s film editor Eva Hughes offers an insight into the profound effect of the constant corruption scandals on the 2018 Brazilian general election. It was the corruption scandal that rocked Brazil. Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash) started out as […]

Brazil’s presidential election: all you need to know

As Brazil heads into the final stages of an election that has been characterised by violence, fake news and corruption, BristoLatino’s politics editor Alfred Davies gives you an overview of all the key details ahead of the 28 October second-round runoff between Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad.   CORRUPTION AND CONTROVERSY The controversy that has […]