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From Pounds to Pesos: Bristol’s La Clandestina Fight Hunger in Mexico

Every week we will be sharing one of the pieces from our first ever print magazine which discusses all things Latin America! We hope you become inspired to read and learn more about this fascinating region of the world. Here is the first article from BristoLatino’s editor-in-chief Isaac Norris where he interviews the two women behind La […]

Recipe of the Month: Peruvian Ceviche

Every month, we will share with you an exciting new Latin American-inspired recipe, so you can make it and enjoy all the rich and colourful flavours of this diverse region in the comfort of your own home! This month, Bristolatino’s Isobel Vasey chose a quintessential Peruvian dish to make our mouths water.    This Peruvian classic […]

Bristol gets a taste of Latin American cuisine

Last weekend was the annual Latin American Encounters event here in Bristol, an action-packed day showcasing the cultural diversity of Latin American. Bristolatino’s Isobel Vasey went along to try some of the tasty food!   This weekend saw the return of the annual Latin American Encounter event, a joint celebration of food, music and culture from across […]

The politics of avocado production in Chile and Mexico

BristoLatino’s Lara Bodger explores the environmental and political consequences of avocado production in two producer countries, Mexico and Chile. Avocado on toast is a dietary staple for me, much like other stereotypical millennials. That being said, I try and limit my consumption due to the environmental implications of enjoying a fruit that comes from the other […]

Delicias de Alicia: Teaching the value of good nutrition in Argentina

Delicias de Alicia is a social project that travels to impoverished communities throughout Buenos Aires and teaches healthy vegetarian recipes, with the aim of tackling widespread poor nutrition. BristoLatino’s Isobel Vasey reports. Buenos Aires is a vibrant and ever evolving city, home to a diverse and exciting culinary scene. Walking through the barrios of Palermo […]

Latin American Encounter in Bristol

 BristoLatino members Rebecca Wilson and Martha Parsons attended the annual Latin Fair in Bristol, to represent the magazine and savour some of the continent’s tastiest treats. After months of preparation, weeks of rehearsals and a day and night of cooking, the second Latin American Encounters fair was ready for action. People spilled in eager to taste the flavours of the […]

A Taste of Mexico in Bristol

Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Wilson met up with the masterminds behind ‘La Clandestina’, who bring the authentic taste of Mexico to diners in Bristol, with a social twist. Nidia and Nirvana were reminiscing about their home country over a beer when the realisation kicked in- that this one beer in England would buy you a whole meal in […]

Bogotá’s backdoor Chicha museum

Bristolatino writers Rebecca Wilson and Hermione Greenhalgh, who currently live in Bogota, visit a secret gem in the historic centre telling the story of Bogotá’s earliest settlers and their favourite alcoholic drink.  Just off the famous Chorro de Quevedo in La Candelaria, Bogotá’s historic centre of alpaca jumpers, guitars and gaitas, lies a seemingly typical bar. […]

Bogotá, more than just a layover

An insight into the capital of Colombia: a vibrant and energetic city surrounded by the Andes mountains with much more to offer than it seems. 3rd Year Bristol Student Emily Cohen tells us more. Whilst travelling around beautiful Colombia and speaking to other tourists, I discovered that most had only visited Bogotá for a few hours, whilst […]