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BristoLatino is run by students but anyone can contribute.


If you’d like to contribute, please email us at bristolatino@hotmail.com with:

– Your name

– Why you’d like to write for us

– A sample of your work – (Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a published piece. It can be an extract from a uni or college essay, a piece of creative writing or a personal project.)


To pitch a story:


– Outline your idea in roughly 200 words

– Bullet point what you’d like to investigate

– Include a couple of images or links if appropriate (If this is for a review, send a link to the work you’d like to review.)


What we publish:


– Formats: news, reviews, interviews, features, creative writing, photography, playlists, mixes

– Sections: literature, music, film, art, sport, food & drink, theatre, travel, politics, Latin America in Bristol


All articles are published in English, but we also accept submissions in Spanish and Portuguese – these will be translated into English by another writer/editor with the author’s input.


We look forward to hearing from you!