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Olvidarte Nunca Exhibits photographs from Chile’s social uprising

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Social unrest in Chile

18 photographs

18 stories

18 October


Olvidarte Nunca (Never Forget You) is a permanent, collective exhibition of 18 photographs from 18 different Chilean photographers. The images were all captured at different moments during Chile’s recent social protests, which began on 18 October 2019. The idea behind the exhibition is to value the work of diverse photographers and to serve as a historical and cultural window into this important historic moment for Chile.

Each photograph is displayed in an interactive online exhibition, accessible to online viewers all over the world, and is explained through the eyes of its author in a complementary documentary video. This brings the exhibition to life – it’s a rarity to hear from the photographer about their work at the same time as viewing it.

An open platform designed to reflect on what has happened through the art of immediate photography through Instagram and social media, Olvidarte Nunca will serve as an historic document of great importance to the patrimony of Chile. It also marks a new era of documentation, where the masses can record their own histories (and herstories) for generations to come.

The exhibition was gradually published to the Pobrecito Mortal Instagram page @canalpobrecitomortal from June 19 – August 3, 2020 and ended with a closing transmission. It has been visualised by thousands of people who tuned in daily for a new story from each of the impressive photographers. The images and information will remain on Instagram and on the global Kunstmatrix website, to shine light on the social demonstrations which began on October 18 2019 and continue today.

View the exhibition here.