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A She-River Is Born, by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

Chilean poet Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes is back on BristoLatino with another impacting piece of poetry. In December, we introduced you to her work with Wonder-Makers We Are,  and now we are lucky enough to be able to read A She-River Is Born.   In this poem, Consuelo makes obvious the inspiration she draws from the great […]

This month we’re reading….Paradises by Iosi Havilio

Every month, we tell you which Latin American writings we are reading. Taking many different forms and featuring writers stretching the whole of South, Central and North America, we bring to you a wide selection of the modern works that are stirring literary interests. This month we’re all about Iosi Havilio and his novel Paradises. […]

Wonder-Makers We Are, by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

In 1992, writer, publisher and teacher, Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes, left Chile for the UK. She is an academic specialising in Sociology and Women’s Studies. BristoLatino Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca Wilson, heard Rivera-Fuentes read her poem, ‘Maravilladoras Somos’ at the Latin America Conference 2017 in London.   “Escribo poesía porque es vida y está en mi sangre. Pienso y siento que […]

Neruda’s first biographer

Edie Essex Barrett interviewed Adam Feinstein, the official biographer of Pablo Neruda: Chilean poet, diplomat, politician and Nobel Prize for Literature winner in 1971. A passion for Neruda has led to a lifelong, fascinating and diverse career for the biographer, Adam Feinstein. His love for Neruda’s work “started in the late-1990s and never stopped,” he told […]

About the author, Jenifer Cerrero Guerra

Jenifer Cerrero Guerra is a resident of the bustling South American city she was born, Bogotá. She is a local with vast knowledge of the best spots for coffee, pizza, veggie empanadas and of course, dancing. She has worked in many different fields, including stints in famous galleries of the art sector, San Felipe; translating […]

El Profe-Jenifer Cerero Guerra

BristoLatino presents Jenifer Cerero Guerra‘s El profe. The novela is part of a series of short stories recounting failed love affairs and published by Jenifer as her Arts degree final piece at the the Bogotá university, La Javeriana.   1. Rompiendo el cascarón   Aquel 19 de enero de 2009 tenía solo 18 años, me encontraba frente al edificio […]

New collection Crude Words brings Venezuelan stories to English readers

BristoLatino Art editor Helen Brown talks to Katie Brown, co-editor of Crude Words, about Venezuela’s long-ignored literary tradition. Crude Words is a collection of contemporary writing from Venezuela, broadcasting the fruits of Venezuela’s literary boom to an international audience as the country struggles through social and economic trauma. The five different sections: The Art of […]

There’s something about Frida

A new book about her influence on the fashion world and a ballet inspired by her life- Frida Khalo’s legacy is very much alive. Ollie Facey writes on the iconic Latina, who remains a source of fascination for artists the world over. Celebrated for her uncommon, unflinching impression of the female form, Frida Kahlo is one […]

Discussion with Chilean author Carla Guelfenbein at the University of Bristol

Chilean novelist Carla Guelfenbein discussed her newest novel, El resto es silencio, with the University of Bristol. Lavinia Amorosa tells us how it went. On October 17th 2014, the University of Bristol’s Hispanic department had the pleasure of welcoming acclaimed Chilean novelist, Carla Guelfenbein, for drinks and a discussion on her recent and successful novel, “El […]