Let's talk Latin America

Edie Essex Barrett

This Month in Literature… Seven Recommendations

Every month, we tell you which Latin American writings we are reading. Taking many different forms and featuring writers stretching the whole of the South, Central and North America, we bring to you a wide selection of the works that are stirring literary interests. This October, Literature Editor Edie Essex Barrett brings you a selection of […]

Reopening Chile’s legendary publishing house Editorial Nascimento

BristoLatino’s Edie Essex Barrett is currently on her year abroad in Santiago, Chile, working to relaunch the old publishing house: Editorial Nascimento. The literary brilliance of prominent Latin American poets such as Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral continues to be acknowledged and celebrated across the globe. However, their extensive successes and bibliographies make it too […]

Diamela Eltit and the escaping voice in Lumpérica

With her first novel Lumpérica (1983), Diamela Eltit created an intellectual space at a time when freedom of thought and expression was not permitted in Chile. Labelled as one of the most famous Chilean writers, Eltit grew up in Santiago, where she remained for the entirety of the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990). Edie Essex Barrett talks […]

Neruda’s first biographer

Edie Essex Barrett interviewed Adam Feinstein, the official biographer of Pablo Neruda: Chilean poet, diplomat, politician and Nobel Prize for Literature winner in 1971. A passion for Neruda has led to a lifelong, fascinating and diverse career for the biographer, Adam Feinstein. His love for Neruda’s work “started in the late-1990s and never stopped,” he told […]