Let's talk Latin America

Zara Huband

History, Memory and Politics in Venezuela: A Talk By Inés Quintero

  Inés Quintero, one of the leading historians in Venezuela, a Professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and a visiting Benjamin Meaker Fellow at the University of Bristol gave a talk about the political use of history in contemporary Venezuela which Bristolatino editor Zara Huband attended. Quintero was joined by a panel of experts in the […]

Redefining Dancehall With Lei Di Dai

Last week Bristol was blessed with its first Love Carnival, an event run by Movimientos, a London-based events company and record label, with Lei Di Dai, the Brazilian Queen of Dancehall, headlining. BristoLatino’s Zara Huband reports.   Love Carnival celebrates Tropical, Afro, Brazilian styles and is usually held in South London’s Bussey Building. Bristolatino spoke […]

Linn da Quebrada celebrates Brazil’s queer community

Linn da Quebrada is a black trans singer and rapper from the favelas of São Paulo making a rare kind of political dance music in which fundamental messages are not sacrificed for catchy hooks. Quebrada describes herself as a ‘gender terrorist’ who condemns the machista values of her culture, whilst creating a space for the […]

Sol Okarina’s music for environmental change

BristoLatino Music Editor, Zara Huband talks to the multifaceted musician Sol Okarina, about fighting for the environment, supporting women and thanking our ancestors through music. Sol Okarina’s music is unique. She achieves a kind of plenitude through taking inspiration from many different parts of the world. While the sound is rooted in her Latino-Caribbean upbringing, […]

Empowering women in the Colombian music industry

BristoLatino music editor Zara Huband met with Fabiola Morales Monje of Mujeres en la Música, the new project empowering women in music. Led by Sol Okarina, musician, and Fabiola Morales Monje, music manager; Mujeres en la Música is an organisation which creates spaces for sharing and communication between women in the music industry. The initiative is fresh to […]

Reinterpreting traditional sounds at Bogotá’s Hermoso Ruido festival

Music editor Zara Huband attended Bogotá’s Hermoso Ruido, a festival showcasing the newest talent coming out of Latin America’s alternative music scene. The richness of Latin American music is born out of its cultural diversity and today’s emerging bands are making use of their past to create new and distinctive sounds. Hermoso Ruido is a 3-day festival […]

Celebrating Colombia’s Pacific coast at the Petronio Álvarez Festival

Santiago de Cali may be the world’s ‘salsa capital’ but each August the Afro-descendants of the Pacific coast come together in this Colombian city for the biggest celebration of Pacific culture. Zara Huband reports from the Petronio Álvarez festival. Despite its racial diversity, Colombia is still divided with most Afro-descendants living on the coast. The Pacific coast […]

Revolution through hip hop in Venezuela

This year’s Semana Cultural saw BristoLatino and UoB’s HiPLA department team up with Pablo Navarrete of Alborada Films in a screening of his documentary Hip Hop Revolución. Latin America in Bristol editor Zara Huband reviews the documentary’s message. In a country like Venezuela it is almost impossible to separate music and politics. Pablo Navarrete’s documentary explores the […]

A Visit From Raquel Rivas Rojas

Raquel Rivas Rojas visited to talk about her latest book, Muerte en el Guaire. Zara Huband heard her speak. It is the river Guaire in Caracas that links the stories in Raquel Rivas Rojas’ latest book, Muerte en el Guaire. Through the bodies being washed up on the river’s shore, Rojas connects the people of Venezuela […]