Let's talk Latin America

Hermione Greenhalgh

Election tremors, but Colombia’s peace rolls on

  BristoLatino political editor, Hermione Greenhalgh, spoke to the Colombian Ambassador to the UK about the presidential elections.   Today (Sunday 27 May) Colombia will pick its new President. With the peace process between the state and the FARC underway, these elections will be the first in living memory that have not occurred against a […]

Will 2018 be Latin America’s Year of Transformation?

Bristolatino’s political editor, Hermione Greenhalgh, gives a breakdown of the region’s busy electoral schedule. By November, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela will all have a new president (or will have re-elected the same one). Though Chile and Honduras have both just re-elected a former and incumbent president, (the latter on legally dubious grounds) the other countries […]

If buses ‘represent democracy’, what does Bogotá’s public transport system represent?

Does Colombia’s capital achieve “democratic equality” through its transport system? Hermione Greenhalgh, who currently lives in Bogota working at EL TIEMPO newspaper, reports. In a TED talk by the mayor of Bogota, Enrique Peñalosa, he states that mobility is a matter of equity and equality[i]. In order for “democratic equality” to exist, a government must deliver […]