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Sophie Wall

Elephant and Castle ‘regeneration’— London’s Latin hub under threat

Later today, Tuesday 16th of January, the redevelopment plan for Elephant and Castle shopping centre is going to the Southwark Planning Committee. Local people will be protesting, along with others who don’t agree with the plans as they stand—but why?   I grew up not far from Elephant and Castle (EC), an area of South […]

Film focus: Living Stars

An amusing, endearing and joyous insight into Argentinians- and every one of us that has ever shamlessly danced in front of our webcams. Sophie Wall  Living Stars, which premiered at Sundance 2014 and continues to feature at festivals, is the latest work by celebrated Argentinian directing duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. The concept is […]

Film focus: Chocó

Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza’s 2012 debut is a beautiful and fascinating insight into Colombia’s biggest Afro-Latino community. Sophie Wall  As with many Latin American countries, Colombia’s black population is unrepresented both in politics and in the mainstream media. This is despite the fact that Afro-Colombians constitute over 10% of the country’s people; in fact, Colombia is considered to have the […]

Music focus: Os Mutantes

“Os Mutantes gave the Tropicália movement a new dimension by using electronic instruments for the first time in the Brazilian music scene […] In doing so, we accentuated the powerful and beautiful lyrics, the strong, daring messages of the Tropicália movement” Rita Lee, Lead singer of Os Mutantes Os Mutantes, arguably Brazil’s most influential psychedelic rock […]

Oil giant BP stained with Colombian blood

The Oil Justice campaign toured around the UK the week before last, airing the incredible testimony of Colombian trade unionist Gilberto Torres. BristoLatino editor Sophie Wall heard him speak in Edinburgh. In May 2015, The Guardian published the remarkable story of Gilberto Torres, the former oil trade unionist from the oil-rich region of Casanare, Colombia. In […]

Photo focus: Bogotá by Samuel Aranda

Anybody who has travelled to Colombia will have undoubtedly spent some time in the country’s capital, Bogotá. It is expected that the transient tourist will not see all the diverse layers of the city, as the Lonely Planet checklist is dutifully abided by. However, even for those staying longer, it is difficult to scratch the surface of the […]

Film focus: El Ritual

“El skate es mi avion, la calle mi filosofía, mi refugio/ the skateboard is my aeroplane, the street my philosophy, my refuge” It’s Havana as seen on skateboard. As part of the new ‘Skater’s Paradise’ season for video channel Nowness, Ivan Olita has directed a short, El Ritual, that follows Havana resident Yojani Perez Rivera on his daily […]

BristoLatino in conversation with Eduardo Saretta

On an uncharacteristically sunny day in late March I sat down with Eduardo Saretta to talk about graffiti in São Paulo. Before our interview I wasn’t aware quite how lucky I was to have this opportunity, not just because Saretta is an influential character (although this is very true), but also because after  half an hour of conversation, a fascinating […]

What next in a Cuba of contradictions?

As Raúl Castro’s government announces new policy changes, many are wondering if the authorities are finally loosening their grip and what this means for the future. A trip to Havana for joint Editor-in-Chief Sophie Wall revealed the reality in the streets, which defied preconceptions and easy classification. The recent flurry of news reports about potentially groundbreaking […]