Let's talk Latin America


Love and loathing in Buenos Aires 

Football raises heart rates worldwide, though Argentina’s fans arguably rank among the most riotous. Sports editor Will Sansom experienced it first-hand. Whenever Boca Juniors play River Plate the streets are empty. There is little traffic and shops remain closed for the afternoon. Football fans huddle together indoors to watch the two biggest teams in Argentina compete […]

Rekindling the Jogo Bonito in a post-golden generation

BristoLatino sports editor Will Sansom ponders on the evolution of Brazilian footballing style, asking what defines the country’s current generation of players. Brazil’s opening game of the 2002 World Cup was against Turkey. They won 2-1. Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and the original Ronaldo started that game. In 2014, Brazil beat Croatia 3-1. Leading the attack was Neymar, […]

How FIFA exploited the Brazilian beauty myth

Last summer’s World Cup not only excluded Brazil’s poorest groups, it also left a damaging mark on the country’s women. Charlie Lindsey reports. The traditional foreign perception of Brazil commonly associates the nation with samba, football and, above all, beautiful, sensual women. During Brazil’s world famous carnival, for example, one of the key attractions for tourists is watching […]