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A courageous new release from Nathy Peluso

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Rebecca Wilson discusses Argentine musician Nathy Peluso’s new single.

Nathy Peluso continues to turn heads with her fresh, distinct and original style. Her newest track, ‘CORASHE’, featuring raw vocals and minimal production is simple but ballsy, and her signature lazy Argentine-flared accent takes the intimate focus on the vocals to a daring place where her lyrics and style dazzle. It is a gutsy move and makes for a fresh sound despite the universality of the subject matter: who hasn’t been disappointed by a cowardly lover? Who hasn’t ever chosen fear of failure over daring to fly?

The accompaniment, produced by Louis Amoeba, is dark and angry, with a trap beat and classic metallic crashes, but her voice carries the song to a more honest and identifiable place as she puts her own pride on the table and sings “te hace falta corashe” : you need more courage. Her voice softens as if remembering why she wants this lover, before disappointment transpires into anger, which finally empowers her as energy builds with plosive vigor:


Yo soy la mulata

Tengo la boca de plata

Yo que estaba enamorata

Te cantaba serenatas

Acordate que soy Natalia

Reina de la vigilia

Deja que te combata ya

¡Ah no! Te hace falta corashe


I am the mulata

With the silver mouth

I who was in love

Serenaded you

Remember that I am Natalia

Queen of the vigil

Give up this battle now

Oh no! You don’t have the courage *


Nathy’s dramatic pronunciation has the advantage of embellishing her voice, hindering her fainthearted lover from hearing what s/he may want to hear.  She doesn’t quite spell out her desire, as the song is overtaken by anger and by the self-empowerment of knowing she deserves better.

Dramatic and theatrical in her vocals, dance moves and style, it is hard to pin Nathy Peluso into one category. She does well to wow without that annoying sense of hubris seen in most stars as they grow. Her cockiness adds to her feminine fearlessness and only makes her more audacious and attractive. 

‘CORASHE’ has had a great response from fans – having already received over 206,000 views on YouTube. One fan sent in a picture of ‘CORASHE’ tattooed in capitals covering her whole shin, in honour of the song, and supposedly of Nathy’s and her own courage. The singer posted the picture to her Instagram last week, saying she was “eternally grateful”.




Listen to the song here:


Two lines evocative of the nature our queen:

Tengo la boca de plata” // “I’ve got a silver mouth”

  • Her tongue is witty and slick, eloquent and persuasive, her accent Argentine, and she makes her money from this talent.

Derrito medalla pa’ convertirme de oro” // “I melt medals to turn myself to gold”

  • She is astute and works what she has to make the gold that is her unique style. In this track we hear a raw sound, allowing her voice to be critiqued- she allows herself to be vulnerable which has an empowering effect as her audacity shines

*Writer’s own translation

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