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Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in Mexico City

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Sam Benstead photography: The streets of Mexico City

The first photograph shows a disused railway track that has been converted into a site for makeshift homes in the centre of Mexico City. The shacks extend for as far as the eye can see and are built from scrap metal, wood and plastic. Note the washing line and padlocks on the doors.


In the second photograph we see a young girl walking under a railway bridge. The old railway line next to her leads to her home. The writing on the wall reads “Participa en la consulta nacional porque SÍ podemos modernizar sin privatizar a PEMEX.” [Participate in the national consultation because YES, we can modernize without privatising PEMEX]. PEMEX is the state-run oil company that was part privatised last year.


In the final photograph, we are presented with a home for the homeless. Remains of a fire can be seen, as well as teddy bears, duvets, mattresses and pillows. This makeshift home is located next to a car park and a bus shelter.