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With just days to go before Brazil’s extremely contentious final round of elections, Bristolatino’s Literature Editor Isaac Norris joined the public rally in Mexico City to stand in solidarity with Brazil.


Last Sunday, exactly one week before the most important and increasingly antagonistic presidential election in Brazilian history, Mexico City’s emblematic Ángel de la Independencia monument became a meeting point for both Brazilians and Mexicans to protest against the controversial far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

The rally was organised by the Colectivo Regina de Sena México-Brasil, a group of Brazilian expats living in Mexico who form part of the international campaign fighting against the rise of Bolsonaro – a petrifying prospect given his outright homophobic, misogynistic and racist comments. Many vehement voices came together to express their disapproval of a man who praises the barbaric dictatorship era, amongst them the Pakistani writer Tariq Alí, who shared words of wisdom during these unsettling times in Brazil.

Exuberant capoeira music floated through the crowds, paying tribute to the beloved afro-feminist activist Marielle Franco who was recently shot dead in Rio de Janeiro. Bolsonaro, the frontrunner, poses a serious threat to all the minority groups in Brazil. Fernando Haddad, the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate represents a beacon of hope for Brazil. Formerly he was the Minister of Education in São Paulo whereby he implemented many progressive policies such as scholarships for underprivileged students, increased funding to the education system, and a campaign against homophobia.

“No queremos un candidato fascista. No queremos a Bolsonaro. No queremos a Bolsonaro. Queremos sí, una sociedad democrática, justa, incluyente. Una que se respete los derechos humanos, la diversidad. Por eso decimos: Ele não, él no, él nunca, él jamás ”

Dra. Regina Crespo, CIALC-UNAM Researcher

(We don’t want a fascist candidate. We don’t want Bolsonaro. We don’t want Bolsonaro. Yes, we want a democratic, fair, inclusive society. One that respects human rights, diversity. Therefore, we say: Not him, not him, never him, never him)

Although the fast approaching election is a daunting prospect to many, one thing is certain: the Brazilian people will fight to create an inclusive society, and they will not allow Bolsonaro to silence their voices.