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Inspiration of the week #7: Camilo Rozo

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Every week we will be sharing an inspirational figure from Latin America, someone who we think you deserve to know about. Our aim is to spread the creativity and passion for their subject and hopefully inspire you as well ! This week we chose the Colombian photographer Camilo Rozo.


Camilo Rozo, born in Bogotá, has been working as an independent photojournalist and photographer for more than 15 years, working with international organisations such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Revista SoHo, El Espectador, Gatopardo, and many others. He also spent nearly 10 years as a sports photographer working with Red Bull. He has published several books, “Tierra de Gabo” a journey through the locations of Gabriel García Marquez’s works, “La luciérnaga 20 años”, an homage to the famous Colombian radio show, “Volveremos Volveremos” the story of the Bogotano football team Santa Fe, “Bogotá Bizarra” a tourist guide to the unusual and expected side of Bogotá, y “Un Vallenato Nueve Senderos” on the history of traditional vallenato music. He is currently working for Spanish newspaper El País in Colombia.


To give some context to the wave of anti-government protests in the region, Latin America is currently facing extreme political uncertainty due to corrupt elites who have only exacerbated poverty. Colombia recently joined its neighbouring countries in demanding much-needed systematic change.


“A photograph is, in its essence, a testament of its time. We are constantly leaving evidence of our surroundings, our cultures, our realities, no matter how varied they are. Photojournalists explore this even more, and we have the additional responsibility of invoking in each moment with ethical values and the truth. My work not only embodies these characteristics, but also focuses on communicating in a positive way each story and history I share, no matter how painful or difficult it may be. My visual narrative always seeks to leave a positive message and reflection. Not falling into the trap of sensationalism is what guides me most when I am shooting.”

(Camilo Rozo)


To see more of Camilo’s work, visit his instagram and website.