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Inspiration of the week #3: David Diaz Arcos

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Every week we will be sharing an inspirational figure from Latin America, someone who we think you deserve to know about. Our aim is to spread the creativity and passion for their subject and hopefully inspire you as well ! This week we chose the Ecuadorian photographer David Diaz Arcos.


David is an Ecuadorian photographer who forms part of Fluxus Foto, a collective of photographers in Ecuador who have just been covering the protests which paralysed the South American nation over the last few weeks. Their motto is “informar sin ocular, sin manipular” (Report without hiding or manipulating anything). The protests were triggered by the president’s decision to cut petrol subsidies which had been in place for 40 years, leading to a surge in petrol prices and, in turn, transport costs. However, last Sunday, Ecuador’s government agreed to restore fuel subsidies and cancel a disputed austerity package. These photographs are a testament to the power of the Ecuadorian people.


“Not only is photography an artistic expression, photography immortalizes moments, which allows us to register and save them so that they are not lost in the future. Memory is fragile and photography is the only valid document to certify that something happened.”

(David Diaz Arcos)



To see more of David’s work, visit his instagram.

Photos for Bloomberg.