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Every week we will be sharing an inspirational figure from Latin America, someone who we think you deserve to know about. Our aim is to spread the creativity and passion for their subject and hopefully inspire you as well ! This week we chose the Brazilian photographer Gustavo Minas


Gustavo was born in Minais Gerais, a state in Southeastern Brazil in 1981. Since 2009, he has photographed the daily life of the cities where he lives, with a unique eye for capturing candid yet beautiful moments with such sincerity. All of his photos have beautifully thought-out compositions along with striking colour combinations.  He currently works as a journalist and freelance photographer in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Brasília is fundamentally a city for cars, based on Niemeyer’s influential modernist architecture of the 1950s which focused heavily on the transport sector, giving the feeling of an impersonal – even dehumanised – city. Gustavo’s tremendous body of work remarkably challenges this common perception, transforming the city’s concrete into pure beauty.


“Photography is the way I connect to the world around me, it’s how I communicate subtle things in my everyday life that cannot be expressed in words. It’s a tool to discover and explore the world, and it’s also a very meditative process in which I tend to forget about myself for a couple of hours.”

(Gustavo Minas)



To see more of Gustavo’s work, visit his website or instagram

Photo Credits: Gustavo Minas