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CASA Festival reviews: El Amor de las Luciérnagas by Alejandro Ricaño

Sam Lubner went to this year’s edition of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival to see the Mexican theatre group Los Guggenheim perform El Amor de las Luciérnagas (The Love of the Fireflies) at the Barbican. Alejandro Ricaño’s El Amor de las Luciérnagas poses the question that we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves at one time or […]

CASA Festival reviews: Montserrat by Gabino Rodriguez

Ella Mattalia gives us the first of four BristoLatino reviews of plays put on by CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, a cultural exchange project between Latin American and UK-based theatre artists. She sat down to watch Montserrat, a play by Gabino Rodriguez, that tells the semi-autobiographical story of his journey through Costa Rica – via […]