Let's talk Latin America


Bogotá, more than just a layover

An insight into the capital of Colombia: a vibrant and energetic city surrounded by the Andes mountains with much more to offer than it seems. 3rd Year Bristol Student Emily Cohen tells us more. Whilst travelling around beautiful Colombia and speaking to other tourists, I discovered that most had only visited Bogotá for a few hours, whilst […]

Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in the Ecuadorian Highlands

Jenny Steele photography: In the main square of Pujili in the Ecuadorian highlands, two bikes make one journey towards “Progreso y Salud”.

Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in Nicaragua

Naomi Kendal photography: A typical busy Saturday street scene in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. A colourful market is set up on the side of the road which people pass on their way to the centre of town.

Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in Buenos Aires

Tom Gilbert photography: Longboarders race down the serpentine Calle de la Republica Libano, a longboarding hotspot in the wealthy neighbourhood of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.