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Street Art

Soma Difusa, ecomuralist?

Laura Ortiz is an illustrator, graphic artist and muralist painting Colombian (and universal) values onto community walls. Under the spray-name Soma Difusa, she works with a range of artists around the country and more recently, around the world. BristoLatino’s Rebecca Wilson caught up with her via email.   Can you explain your alias, Soma Difusa, […]

The many faces of street art in Buenos Aires

Megan Macnaughton, Spanish and History of Art student at Bristol Uni, talks us through public space and street art in Argentina’s capital city. Coming from Banksy’s hometown where the assimilation of street art with vandalism is common, my exploration of Buenos Aires’ scene came as quite an enjoyable surprise. In the Argentine capital, the idea […]

Street artist organises giant picnic over the Mexico-US border

JR’s boarder-spanning picnic has turned the forgotten Mexican city of Tecate into a place of pilgrimage for peacemakers. Art editor, Beatrice Murray-Nag reports. The city of Tecate in the Baja California state of Mexico has become evermore present in the public eye since president Trump uttered the words ‘border wall.’ The divisive proposal would see […]