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São Paulo


Bristolatino’s Literature Editor Isaac Norris writes about an exciting new comic event in São Paulo which he went to on Sunday and what it means for the people.   Brazil’s cultural capital, São Paulo, inaugurated its first-ever comic festival in the peripheries on Sunday. Located in Capão Redondo, one of the most notoriously violent areas of […]

DJ Cigarra: Leading the way for a female-fuelled future

Hailing from Brazil’s hectic yet culturally vibrant megalopolis, São Paulo, Ágatha Barbosa a.k.a Cigarra is a strikingly accomplished individual; a DJ, VJ, producer and events organiser who now resides in Lisbon, a city with a burgeoning musical scene. BristoLatino’s Isaac Norris speaks to the musician about São Paulo’s underground movement, her Tropical Twista Records label, […]

Linn da Quebrada celebrates Brazil’s queer community

Linn da Quebrada is a black trans singer and rapper from the favelas of São Paulo making a rare kind of political dance music in which fundamental messages are not sacrificed for catchy hooks. Quebrada describes herself as a ‘gender terrorist’ who condemns the machista values of her culture, whilst creating a space for the […]

BristoLatino in conversation with Eduardo Saretta

On an uncharacteristically sunny day in late March I sat down with Eduardo Saretta to talk about graffiti in São Paulo. Before our interview I wasn’t aware quite how lucky I was to have this opportunity, not just because Saretta is an influential character (although this is very true), but also because after  half an hour of conversation, a fascinating […]

The forgotten losers of the 2014 World Cup

Bristolatino’s Sport editor Freddy Hare discusses the impact of the 2014 World Cup; is its ability to benefit Brazil’s population being grabbed or simply squandered? The stage was set. It was supposed to be a stroll in the park, a formality. With a brand new 200,000-seater stadium built, an expectant home fan-base and only a draw […]

Pioneering Brazilian rap from Criolo

Bristolatino’s joint editor-in-chief Rosanna West tells us why the star of Brazilian rapper Criolo just keeps on rising. Singer-songwriter, rapper and urban poet Criolo (born Kleber Cavalcante Gomes), is one of Brazil’s most acclaimed artists, and is fast becoming a big name around the world. His parents, migrants from North-Eastern Brazil, moved to São Paulo in […]