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Exclusive! Brazilian Wax’s best albums of 2018

Joe Osborne of DJ duo Brazilian Wax, who run a radio show and club night touring from Leeds to Bristol and beyond, talks us through his top Brazilian albums of 2018. Listen on Spotify now!   10. Juliano Gauche – Afastamento  The guitar tone at 2:25 on Longe, Enfim is enough for this album to […]

Carnival 2017: changing faces of the Mulata Globeleza

BristoLatino travel editor Imogen King talks us through the controversial images of women used to advertise annual TV coverage of Carnival in Brazil. The traditional essence of Carnival is intertwined with the infectious spirit of Samba, a music and dance firmly rooted in Afro-Brazilian history. Far more than just a week of partying, Carnival is an important underpinning […]

Samba school causes controversy at Carnival

The choice of parade theme by samba school Imperatriz Leopoldinense has generated controversy among the agribusiness sector. BristoLatino’s Lucinda Price reports. “Sacred garden, discovered by the white man The heart of my Brazil bleeds The Beautiful Monster steals children from the land, devours the forests and dries up the rivers So much wealth destroyed by greed.” These […]

Music focus: Perotá Chingó

BristoLatino editor Becca Wilson on the Argentinian group Perotá Chingó and their ongoing musical journey. In 2011, Julia Ortiz and Dolores Aguirre decided to travel the Uruguayan coast, hitchhiking with a guitar and their fearless voices. Friends for 20 years, Juli and Lola both come from the porteño northern coast of Rio de la Plata. Perotá Chingó began […]