Let's talk Latin America


Calling out injustice

In 1990s Peru, hundreds of thousands of the country’s inhabitants were forcibly sterilised and their outcry silenced. Features editor Georgina Turner tells us about an innovative project addressing this historical injustice. On the 10th December 2015 Dr Matthew Brown and Dr Karen Tucker of the University of Bristol officially launched a project, in association with London’s Chaka Studio, that they […]

The horrors (*delights) of South American bus travel… Sit back and recline

‘Don’t look down!’ Tom Gidman on the highs and lows of bussing through South America. Before I began my trip around Latin America, one of the biggest worries I had was the inevitable bus travel. Having been shown photo after photo of the infamous camino de la muerte, I quickly assumed that all Latin American roads were thin gravel tracks […]

Dressing and dating come hand in hand on Taquile Island, Peru

Finding love online… revolutionary? Bristolatino joint editor-in-chief Rosanna West tells us why the dating scene amongst the ancient community living on Taquile Island, Peru, suggests not. It never before occurred to me that the dating game on Lake Titicaca in Peru could be similar to our modern-day, technology fuelled one here in the UK. However, after […]