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Sexy Libraries, Democratic Architecture and Paísa Pride

BristoLatino´s Helen Brown talks us through the influence and spirit of Medellín’s architectural redefinition. Despite its lingering reputation as a crime-riddled drug capital, what struck me most about Medellín was how beautiful its public spaces are: its stretches of plazas displaying plump sculptures, the slickness of the metro and the cablecars towering overhead like theme park rides. […]

The strangest of Escobar’s legacies

Emma Toogood weighs up the three possible solutions to Colombia’s hippo problem, which is spiralling out of control. Pablo Escobar was the man who brought Colombia to its knees. He and his Medellín cartel unleashed a reign of terror over the country from which the population is still recovering. The full scope of his legacy and the damage […]

Peace at last? Colombia’s new Transitional Justice Accord

BristoLatino features editor Georgina Turner asks whether the recent agreement on justice made at the Havana peace talks can be considered the beginning of the end of the Colombian internal conflict. Everybody is talking about the recently released Netflix series Narcos, which dramatizes Pablo Escobar’s long reign as head of Medellin’s infamous drug cartel and his criminal methods of control. As […]

Watching Narcos…in Colombia

Bogotá resident Sophie Foggin reveals what Colombians make of the much talked-about series Narcos. Sophie is currently interning at El Tiempo, Colombia’s top-selling newspaper. “Are you watching Narcos on Netflix?”. This is one of the most frequently asked questions from my friends at home.“Of course I am,” I tell them. What they don’t know, however, is […]