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Mujeres en la Música

Sol Okarina’s music for environmental change

BristoLatino Music Editor, Zara Huband talks to the multifaceted musician Sol Okarina, about fighting for the environment, supporting women and thanking our ancestors through music. Sol Okarina’s music is unique. She achieves a kind of plenitude through taking inspiration from many different parts of the world. While the sound is rooted in her Latino-Caribbean upbringing, […]

Empowering women in the Colombian music industry

BristoLatino music editor Zara Huband met with Fabiola Morales Monje of Mujeres en la Música, the new project empowering women in music. Led by Sol Okarina, musician, and Fabiola Morales Monje, music manager; Mujeres en la Música is an organisation which creates spaces for sharing and communication between women in the music industry. The initiative is fresh to […]