Let's talk Latin America

Lake Titicaca

Why Latin America is so much more than plantain, rice and beans

It is safe to say that Latin America does not have the best culinary reputation. Two ‘foodies’, Victoria Turner and Pete Oldham, travelled across South and Central America in search of a decent meal to recreate for their amigos back home. Below, they describe their favourite 8 destinations and why they offer so much more than the stereotypical Holy Trinity of […]

Dressing and dating come hand in hand on Taquile Island, Peru

Finding love online… revolutionary? Bristolatino joint editor-in-chief Rosanna West tells us why the dating scene amongst the ancient community living on Taquile Island, Peru, suggests not. It never before occurred to me that the dating game on Lake Titicaca in Peru could be similar to our modern-day, technology fuelled one here in the UK. However, after […]