Let's talk Latin America


In conversation with Colombian illustrator: El chico sin cabello de pan

Colombian illustrator El chico sin cabello de pan creates striking personal comics that will stick with you for a long time. BristoLatino’s editor-in-chief Isaac Norris interviews him about his creative process.    Isaac: Where did your interest for cartoons come from?  I have always had a deep connection with comics, particularly manga. Ever since I was a […]

Art Focus: A conversation with Maia Magoga

Social media editor Alba-Lily Phillips talks to illustrator Maia Magoga about being Latina, a Londoner and an artist. You’re half Argentinean (papá’s side) and half Brazilian (mãe’s side) and you grew up in North London. In what ways does your heritage play a part in your art? It made me very aware of the lack […]

Art Focus: Life is an illusion

Bristolatino editor, Rebecca Wilson, meets up with artist, Daniel Liév, in his Bogotá workshop to discuss illustration and illusion. “Art isn’t easy. Illustration is harder, with creators asked by their commercial clients to interpret, conceive, make, convey, enlighten, provoke and, in some cases, transform the viewers… all under tight deadlines with reduced budgets”, explain AI-AP […]