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Fidel Castro

Cuba without Fidel

The global media frenzy and comment that surrounded Fidel Castro’s death has died down. But is anything in Cuba actually any different? Our writer in Mexico Laura Tlachi Santacruz examines the situation on the island. For most of us, the death of Fidel Castro Ruz in November 2016 was an expected one. It was not, however, desired—at least […]

¡Adiós Buena Vista!

Claudia Posada-Fawcett was fortunate enough to attend legendary Cuban musical group Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club’s farewell tour. She recounts her highlights, and tells us why she thinks the reach of Cuban music will only widen. Whilst enjoying some pre-concert sushi in Cloudy Bay, one of the Royal Albert Hall’s restaurants, I had the thrill of overhearing the spectacular […]

Viva la revolución?

Bristolatino’s Politics editor Kwame Lowe discusses the political legacies of a generation of world leaders, including Cuba’s communist revolutionary Fidel Castro It has been almost impossible to ignore the recent news of Margaret Thatcher’s death, and given that she could reasonably be called the most controversial politician in modern British history, reactions have been expectedly mixed. […]