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A lesson in chance: A conversation with sound artist Maria Chavez

Born in Lima, Peru but currently based in New York, Maria Chavez is an improvisational and experimental sound artist, turntablist, DJ and author of the book, Of Technique: Chance Procedures on Turntable. Following Chavez’s recent Bristol performance, Bristolatino’s Chloe Budd caught up with her via email. When asked beforehand what the audience could expect from her […]

DJ Cigarra: Leading the way for a female-fuelled future

Hailing from Brazil’s hectic yet culturally vibrant megalopolis, São Paulo, Ágatha Barbosa a.k.a Cigarra is a strikingly accomplished individual; a DJ, VJ, producer and events organiser who now resides in Lisbon, a city with a burgeoning musical scene. BristoLatino’s Isaac Norris speaks to the musician about São Paulo’s underground movement, her Tropical Twista Records label, […]

Baile-what? The resurgence of reggaetón in club music

We’ve had Despacito in our heads all summer thanks to worldwide radio, J Balvin has been swept up by the Radio 1 train and even Little Mix have released their own Simon Cowell-endorsed Reggaetón lento. Joe Samrai takes a look at producers such as Kamixlo, Uli K and Florentino, who are fusing Latin formulae into urban alternative club music.   […]