Let's talk Latin America

Dilma Rousseff

The Games May be Over but its Consequences Are Not

Latin America in Bristol editor, Zara Huband, looks at the experience of this summer’s games in Rio when social tensions and health scares vied with the Games for global attention. Benefits for the public It remains a very open question whether or not the Olympics have brought any lasting or economic benefit to many of the countries that […]

How FIFA exploited the Brazilian beauty myth

Last summer’s World Cup not only excluded Brazil’s poorest groups, it also left a damaging mark on the country’s women. Charlie Lindsey reports. The traditional foreign perception of Brazil commonly associates the nation with samba, football and, above all, beautiful, sensual women. During Brazil’s world famous carnival, for example, one of the key attractions for tourists is watching […]

Indigenous rights in Brazil and across the Americas

Bristolatino Politics editor Kwame Lowe discusses the ongoing struggle of the indigenous communities of Latin America and particularly Brazil. A fortnight ago today marked the 521st anniversary of the ‘discovery’ of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. Columbus Day, as it is known, is celebrated across much of Latin America and the USA. For many indigenous communities […]

The forgotten losers of the 2014 World Cup

Bristolatino’s Sport editor Freddy Hare discusses the impact of the 2014 World Cup; is its ability to benefit Brazil’s population being grabbed or simply squandered? The stage was set. It was supposed to be a stroll in the park, a formality. With a brand new 200,000-seater stadium built, an expectant home fan-base and only a draw […]