Let's talk Latin America


Music Focus: A Conversation with La Perla

Last week the all-female Colombian trio La Perla treated Bristol to a lively upbeat night of cumbia and Caribbean rhythms. We asked them a few questions about their sounds and the music industry in Colombia.    What inspires you to create music influenced by Colombian culture? Music is a very powerful tool because it allows […]

Sonic adventures to Malphino

Malphino take you on a tropical adventure from this 4th May… Malphino are an ‘outer-national’, mystical band who offer a uniquely Asian-influenced hypnotic cumbia. Based in London, the collective is made up of diaspora musicians and visual artists. Their debut album, ‘Visit Malphino’ will be released this 4th May and will take us on a […]

Music and Politics from London to Bogotá

BristoLatino Music Editor, Rebecca Wilson, sat down with DJ Cal Jader in Bogotá, Colombia, to discuss Movimientos Records – a fusion of music and politics DJ Cal Jader, a.k.a. Callum Simpson of Movimientos Records, returns to Bogotá after 10 years delving into Colombian rhythms and collaborating with Colombian acts. A decade prior, he was here on a delegation of […]

Chilli for you, chilli for me

Rebecca Wilson discusses music as message and therapy, gigging in Bristol and the ever-changing tropical folk sound of Cuban-Colombian band Ají Pa’ti. I met up with Julián (guitar player, band director and songwriter) and Indira (lead singer), of modern tropical folk band, Ají Pa’tí (roughly translated as Chilli For You), as they had just played […]

Reinventing cumbia with Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo have exploded (pardon the pun) in the past few years, one of the only contemporary Colombian acts to reach such international acclaim. Rebecca Wilson charts their rise to success, and delves into their personal passions and influences. A colonial church and misty mountains. A brunette in a gold jacket enters the frame and descends the […]