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Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

A She-River Is Born, by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

Chilean poet Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes is back on BristoLatino with another impacting piece of poetry. In December, we introduced you to her work with Wonder-Makers We Are,  and now we are lucky enough to be able to read A She-River Is Born.   In this poem, Consuelo makes obvious the inspiration she draws from the great […]

Wonder-Makers We Are, by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

In 1992, writer, publisher and teacher, Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes, left Chile for the UK. She is an academic specialising in Sociology and Women’s Studies. BristoLatino Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca Wilson, heard Rivera-Fuentes read her poem, ‘Maravilladoras Somos’ at the Latin America Conference 2017 in London.   “Escribo poesía porque es vida y está en mi sangre. Pienso y siento que […]