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CASA Latin American Theatre Festival

Sexuality and sisterhood in CASA Festival’s LADYLIKE

CASA festival, London’s festival of Latin American Arts, opened last Tuesday at Dalston’s Arcola Theatre with Ella Mesma company’s dance show ‘LADYLIKE’, and Brazilian theatre piece ‘Unfamiliar’, both followed by the all-female mariachi band, Las Adelitas. The dance performance explored sisterhood, softness, sanity and sexuality through a range of different dance styles, Latin music, and theatre. […]

CASA Festival 2017 Reviews: Autoreverse

In the last of our series of this year’s CASA Latin American Theatre Festival reviews, Anna Warhurst saw Autoreverse, a longing search for family memory via cassette tape. Actor and theatre-maker Florencia Cordeau’s exploration of her family’s past through the story of Malena is fascinating in content, but feels frustrated and undynamic as a performance. Whilst Cordeau’s biographical portrayal of […]

CASA Festival 2017 Reviews: The Only Thing a Great Actress Needs is a Great Play and the Desire to Succeed

A Mexican take on Jean Genet’s The Maid’s, Vaca 35 theatre company and Director Damien Cervantes’ The Only Thing a Great Actress Needs is a Great Play and the Desire to Succeed made it’s London premier at CASA 2017. Isabella Bruton reviews. This two woman show, starring Diana Magallón and Mari Carmen Ruiz, is a […]

CASA Festival 2017 Reviews: Stardust

An incredible, compelling performance mixing physicality, mime, art, audio and monologue, Sophie Foggin saw Miguel Hernando Torres Umba’s Stardust at the 2017 CASA Latin American Theatre Festival.  The start of Miguel Hernando Torres Umba’s Stardust is ambiguous. In a chatty conversation with the audience, he subtly introduces the play by telling us the story of […]

CASA Festival reviews: Aparte by Colectivo Alebrije

Natalie Clarke reviews Aparte, a visceral breakdown of the importance of skin through the narrative of the leather-making district of Mexico’s León city. The play was put on as part of London’s CASA Latin American Theatre Festival 2015. The three cast members begin their performance and we are immediately confronted with a personal story. They introduce […]

CASA Festival reviews: Derretiré con un cerillo la nieve de un volcán by Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol

Ella Mattalia saw I’ll melt the snow off the volcano with a match, one of two plays by Lagartijias Tiradas Al Sol which showed at the CASA Latina 2015 Festival; this year CASA focussed on works and artists from Mexico. This is another biographical tale from Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol. The play is written, devised and acted […]

CASA Festival reviews: El Amor de las Luciérnagas by Alejandro Ricaño

Sam Lubner went to this year’s edition of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival to see the Mexican theatre group Los Guggenheim perform El Amor de las Luciérnagas (The Love of the Fireflies) at the Barbican. Alejandro Ricaño’s El Amor de las Luciérnagas poses the question that we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves at one time or […]

CASA Festival reviews: Montserrat by Gabino Rodriguez

Ella Mattalia gives us the first of four BristoLatino reviews of plays put on by CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, a cultural exchange project between Latin American and UK-based theatre artists. She sat down to watch Montserrat, a play by Gabino Rodriguez, that tells the semi-autobiographical story of his journey through Costa Rica – via […]