Let's talk Latin America


Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in Mexico City

Sam Benstead photography: The streets of Mexico City The first photograph shows a disused railway track that has been converted into a site for makeshift homes in the centre of Mexico City. The shacks extend for as far as the eye can see and are built from scrap metal, wood and plastic. Note the washing line and padlocks on […]

Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in the Ecuadorian Highlands

Jenny Steele photography: In the main square of Pujili in the Ecuadorian highlands, two bikes make one journey towards “Progreso y Salud”.

Photo focus: ‘Street Life’ in Nicaragua

Naomi Kendal photography: A typical busy Saturday street scene in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. A colourful market is set up on the side of the road which people pass on their way to the centre of town.