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Inspiration of the week #6: Bolivian Collective War Mi-photo

Every week we will be sharing an inspirational figure from Latin America, someone who we think you deserve to know about. Our aim is to spread the creativity and passion for their subject and hopefully inspire you as well ! This week we chose the all-female Bolivian photography collective War Mi-photo.    War-Mi photo was born from […]

The Race For Russia

Joseph James takes a look at the state of play in the South American Qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup: the teams, their stars and their chances of getting to the World Cup in Russia 2018. With the end of the international break, the race for automatic qualification in South America is hotting up. This summer […]

Julio Zambrana and the veins leading out of Cerro Rico

Following on from Flora Hastings‘ focus piece on the miners of Potosí, originally written for UCLU Amnesty International journal, here you can read more about the mining families of Cerro Rico.   Intervention A cloaked Incan stands at the base of the carmine-coloured mountain, talking to a hatted Spaniard. The Virgin Mary’s disembodied hands frame the […]

Open and Closed Dialogues – The Miners of Cerro Rico, Evo Morales and the Plurinational Voices of Bolivia

Galeano coined Potosí “the city which has given most to the world and has the least”. Originally for the UCLU Amnesty International journal, Flora Hastings brings to BristoLatino photographs and stories of the current miners of Cerro Rico.   Clashing conceptions of progression within Bolivia Papa Francisco sweats with altitude sickness. He has little time to […]

Why Latin America is so much more than plantain, rice and beans

It is safe to say that Latin America does not have the best culinary reputation. Two ‘foodies’, Victoria Turner and Pete Oldham, travelled across South and Central America in search of a decent meal to recreate for their amigos back home. Below, they describe their favourite 8 destinations and why they offer so much more than the stereotypical Holy Trinity of […]

The horrors (*delights) of South American bus travel… Sit back and recline

‘Don’t look down!’ Tom Gidman on the highs and lows of bussing through South America. Before I began my trip around Latin America, one of the biggest worries I had was the inevitable bus travel. Having been shown photo after photo of the infamous camino de la muerte, I quickly assumed that all Latin American roads were thin gravel tracks […]

The world’s most dangerous road

Annabel Lindsay discusses ‘Death Road’: an essential part of Bolivian culture, not just for your gap year bucket list. The Bolivian North Yungas Highway, aptly named ‘Death Road’ and voted ‘the world’s most dangerous road’ is a 50 mile deathtrap that winds its way perilously from La Cumbre, at around 4,600 meters above sea level […]

Bolivia’s new age of mining?

Joe Sharp discusses the risks, as well as the benefits the lithium reserves found under the Salar de Uyuni in Southern Bolivia could bring for the population of one of South America’s poorest nations. In the mid-1500’s, Spanish conquistadors discovered huge silver reserves in the Cerro Rico mountain just outside the city of Potosi in Bolivia. […]

Dressing and dating come hand in hand on Taquile Island, Peru

Finding love online… revolutionary? Bristolatino joint editor-in-chief Rosanna West tells us why the dating scene amongst the ancient community living on Taquile Island, Peru, suggests not. It never before occurred to me that the dating game on Lake Titicaca in Peru could be similar to our modern-day, technology fuelled one here in the UK. However, after […]