Let's talk Latin America


Soma Difusa, ecomuralist?

Laura Ortiz is an illustrator, graphic artist and muralist painting Colombian (and universal) values onto community walls. Under the spray-name Soma Difusa, she works with a range of artists around the country and more recently, around the world. BristoLatino’s Rebecca Wilson caught up with her via email.   Can you explain your alias, Soma Difusa, […]

Why handpoke tattoos? A short convo with Daniel Dobleu

‘Daniel Dobleu’ is an artist from Bogotá, specialising in graphic design and branding, mural painting and writing fantastic book titles. He is now a skilled handpoke tattoo artist, going by the alias sebra.handpoke. BristoLatino‘s Rebecca Wilson spoke to Daniel about his new work in handpoked tattoos.   BL: Tell us a bit about your artistic journey […]

El Profe-Jenifer Cerero Guerra

BristoLatino presents Jenifer Cerero Guerra‘s El profe. The novela is part of a series of short stories recounting failed love affairs and published by Jenifer as her Arts degree final piece at the the Bogotá university, La Javeriana.   1. Rompiendo el cascarón   Aquel 19 de enero de 2009 tenía solo 18 años, me encontraba frente al edificio […]

Art and peacebuilding in Colombia

Marion CHUNIAUD is a Parisienne currently living and studying in Montreal. Besides the artistic community work she does with the aims of social transformation and social cohesion, she is a researcher in International and Intercultural Communications. Marion spent six months in Colombia researching the role of art in social cohesion, female empowerment and peacebuilding, in […]

From Bristol to Bogotá with Red Tree Study

Christine Gregory, programs manager at Red Tree Study, details the opportunities for students in Colombia and the company’s strong ties to Bristol. Bristol was the start of it all for Red Tree Study. Both founders, Alex Jones and Charlotte Bonsey, are Bristol graduates whose passion for Latin America brought them together and spawned a business […]

The Popemobile pulls up on Colombian turf

Pope Francis touched down in Colombia on the 6th September, where he spent four days visiting the country and its people. Charlie O’Connell, who is currently working for national newspaper El Tiempo, reports. For British people, it’s pretty difficult to understand the importance of the Pope in Colombia. The UK is not a Catholic country, nor […]

Nailah Dolls, a subtly social movement

BristoLatino editor, Rebecca Wilson visited the women behind Nailah, who make very special material dolls in Bogotá for clients all over the world. I found myself in a cosy, incensed apartment overlooking the mountains, with sloped buildings poking up through the twilight scene. Marta was a hippie in the sixties, which explains the incense. She is […]

Bogotá’s backdoor Chicha museum

Bristolatino writers Rebecca Wilson and Hermione Greenhalgh, who currently live in Bogota, visit a secret gem in the historic centre telling the story of Bogotá’s earliest settlers and their favourite alcoholic drink.  Just off the famous Chorro de Quevedo in La Candelaria, Bogotá’s historic centre of alpaca jumpers, guitars and gaitas, lies a seemingly typical bar. […]

If buses ‘represent democracy’, what does Bogotá’s public transport system represent?

Does Colombia’s capital achieve “democratic equality” through its transport system? Hermione Greenhalgh, who currently lives in Bogota working at EL TIEMPO newspaper, reports. In a TED talk by the mayor of Bogota, Enrique Peñalosa, he states that mobility is a matter of equity and equality[i]. In order for “democratic equality” to exist, a government must deliver […]