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Augusto Pinochet

The Iguala massacre: a manifestation of Mexican corruption

As Mexican police report today that 10 decapitated bodies and 11 heads have been found in a grave in the Southern state of Guerrero, the whereabouts of the missing teacher training students remains unknown. Sam Benstead asks how Mexican authorities are able to retain their position in power when they are complicit in violence, murder and the […]

The outcry of the Chilean students

Bristolatino’s joint editor-in-chief Rosanna West discusses the significant student movement that has rocked Chilean government and society since its beginning in 2011. The Chilean student movement demands a free and higher quality education, as well as an end to the privatization of schools and universities. The Government’s free-market approach to education, implemented over 20 years ago […]

Vote ‘No’: René Saavedra’s plea to the Chilean population

Alejandro Palekar Fernández reviews No, Pablo Larraín’s film telling the real-life story of René Saavedra, the PR man who mounted a press campaign against Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet. Pablo Larraín’s film is a simple, albeit effective dramatisation of one of the key moments in Chilean history. No deals with the plebiscite of 1988, which allowed Chileans to choose […]