Let's talk Latin America


In conversation with Colombian illustrator: El chico sin cabello de pan

Colombian illustrator El chico sin cabello de pan creates striking personal comics that will stick with you for a long time. BristoLatino’s editor-in-chief Isaac Norris interviews him about his creative process.    Isaac: Where did your interest for cartoons come from?  I have always had a deep connection with comics, particularly manga. Ever since I was a […]

This Mexico City café was the favourite haunt of Latin America’s biggest icons

Founded in 1952, Café La Habana is best known as the place where Fidel Castro and Ché Guevara planned the Cuban Revolution. Colombia’s Gabriel García Márquez, arguably Latin America’s greatest ever author, used to visit and is said to have written part of his magic realism masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude, there, while Mexican […]

Mesmerizing soundscapes at MUTEK México 2018

Bristolatino’s Literature Editor Isaac Norris attended this year’s edition of MUTEK México (19-25 Nov), an annual music festival held in the sprawling capital city. MUTEK festival is the biggest platform for innovative audiovisual experiences in Mexico. Over the past 15 years its devoted team of organizers have created an impeccable line-up year after year, always discovering unique venues […]

Street artist organises giant picnic over the Mexico-US border

JR’s boarder-spanning picnic has turned the forgotten Mexican city of Tecate into a place of pilgrimage for peacemakers. Art editor, Beatrice Murray-Nag reports. The city of Tecate in the Baja California state of Mexico has become evermore present in the public eye since president Trump uttered the words ‘border wall.’ The divisive proposal would see […]

Under the Same Sun. Latin America, New York, London

BristoLatino editor Rebecca Wilson talks us through Latin American art: tortillas, coca plants, burgers and cymbals. Until the 4th September, the South London Gallery (formerly Peckham Road Fire Station) are exhibiting highlights from the Guggenheim´s collection of recently acquired Latin American artworks, titled Under the Same Sun, Art from Latin America Today. The exhibition includes […]